Putin Requests Russian Government to Regulate Bitcoin Mining by Mid-2018, BTCMANAGER

According to a series of orders translated by Motherboard, Russian Voorzitter Vladimir Putin has tasked the Russian government to introduce regulatory frameworks around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by mid-2018. Specifically, Putin requested the impose a licensing program for cryptocurrency miners, requiring them to register with the government within the next 12 months. Read more

Guide to the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings: Useful or Flawed?

Cryptocurrencies have ben growing spil an investment option for several individuals and for institutional investors. Most of them have bot building their own perceptions about what to take into account when investing ter cryptocurrencies. But there wasgoed not a overeenstemming and investors did not have a clear idea about which cryptocurrencies had the best possibilities to succeed spil the market is so crowded and a loterijlot of mis-information and FUD shows up online. Read more

Cryptocurrency means gamers can t afford fresh graphics cards

Good luck building a fresh gaming equipment. Graphics cards can be used to mine cryptocurrency, so they’re overpriced and sold out everywhere.

The AMD Radeon RX 480 — beloved by gamers and miners alike.

There were once two kinds of PC gamers: those who bought prebuilt gaming equipments kitted out with everything they needed to embark playing, and those who took pride te building their own, more powerful machines . Read more

Bitcoin ATM machines crash spil price of cryptocurrency soars, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


The bitcoin ATM machine at Tiong Bahru Plaza wasgoed one of the two that stopped dispensing the cryptocurrency spil the network could not keep up with request. The other one that crashed wasgoed at Hong Lim Ingewikkeld. ST PHOTO: DESMOND FOO

Two of them stopped selling for three days due to ‘congestion’ amid buying madness

Spil bitcoin surged past US$16,000 last week, the network could not keep up with the choky request. Read more

And if you’re Bitcoin, you just rail the swings of publicity created by the likes of 50 Cent.

February Legal, 2018

Celebrities and cryptocurrency marketing. The hype is real. Cryptocurrencies are now so well-known that even celebs are hopping on the bandwagon – and why not? It’s the ideal chance for them to pose with their latest bling ter vooraanzicht of wads of metselspecie – or at least that’s how boxer Floyd Mayweather showcased his ICO involvement on Instagram. Read more

Quantum Project – Deflation, QuantumProject


The emergence of Bitcoin ter 2007 caused a broad multitude of reactions among traditional financial sectors. The very first cryptocurrency wasgoed, and still often is, seen to be fundamentally flawed, owing to the fact that there is only a set amount of Bitcoin which can everzwijn be mined. However, this very fact about the nature of cryptocurrency is the same thing that its volgers voorkeur is its saving grace. Read more

A former Infosys engineer became a rich bitcoin miner – ultimately – fugitive

Amit Bhardwaj is alleged to have fled to Dubai after conning scores out of an estimated Rs Two,000 crore through a Ponzi scheme based on bitcoins.

Fresh Delhi: He is the son of a former government employee from Shalimar Bagh who now wields a house te Dubai’s ultra-upmarket Burj Khalifa. But this is not some grand story of a middle-class man hitting the big time. Read more

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