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Bitcoin SegWit2X: A Plain English Guide, Fortune

(Significant update: The leaders of the SegWit2X faction announced on Wednesday, November 8 they would suspend their project to split bitcoin te mid-November.)

Bitcoin has faced turmoil ter the past but nothing like this. Te two weeks, a massive fight taking place among bitcoin insiders could produce a ruinous schism—undermining the integrity of digital currency and menacing its sky-high value. Read more

Best Bitcoin Wallets for IOS Iphone and Ipad

Ter the past month I’ve bot covering the best possible Bitcoin wallets of each type (Android, desktop and hardware). For the final postbode te this series I’d like to review the Bitcoin wallets available for iOS. Five years ago, your choices for bitcoin wallets wasgoed more limited, but ter 2018 there are so many options that it can be terrific at times. Read more

However, that is not of fundamental importance right now.

If you’ve shopped for a graphics card lately, you very likely know about the worldwide shortage — or you may even have seen something about it ter the news. Some sources blame miners for buying everything up. But who are thesis miners?

Miners is the term for people who collect cryptocurrency. Currency miners mine their cryptocurrency at their farms, specially tricked-out computers dedicated to the task. Read more

Bitcoin For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Bitcoin has gotten a lotsbestemming of press, and not all of it good. So is it Internet money, an alternative currency, a parallel financial system, a fresh way of life? The response is yes, it’s all of those things and more. Commence by finding out the basics of what it is, where it came from, what it does. Read more

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