Courageous Frontier Serial Codes 2018 (Free Special Gems)

Plucky Frontier Promo Codes for Free Gems and special serial. Courageous Frontier is a Japanese role-playing mobile spel that wasgoed developed and published by a-Lim. Plucky Frontier wasgoed originally made for iOS but straks, versions for Android and Kindle Fire ware released spil well. The very first release wasgoed back ter 2013 and the spel has bot growing with more and more features being introduced every now and then. It has hundreds of heroes and millions of players.

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The number of downloads is actually more than 30 million from players all around the world. You can become a legend now by joining those millions of players to explore the land of Grand Gaia and help save it from the corrupted heerser Maxwell’s evil hordes. You get extreme summoning power providing you the capability to conjure powerful demigods, majestic animal and plucky warriors to fight for you.

Features of Courageous Frontier

  • The legendary heroes and animals are more than 400, all available for you to collect evolve and summon them. They are all pixel-crafted beautifully each having a unique battle style and burst attack.
  • There are more than 100 addictive missions that are turn-based and action-packed combat. You get to fight through various harsh bosses and gods.
  • PVP Kampplaats mode is available for strong summoners to fight te. you are supposed to climb through the ranks cutting down your opponents te order to acquire equipment that are zonderling and other prizes.
  • You can upgrade the resource fields ter your town enabling you to harvest materials from them that will be used ter the synthesis of portions and crafting of powerful equipment.
  • There are some weekly and daily events such spil special dungeon space, heroic tales and Vortex Gate. This permits you to love fresh fresh challenges on every day that you determine to loom te.

Importance of Courageous Frontier bounty codes and gems

The Courageous Frontier spel uses gems spil the internal form of currency. Gem are particularly significant ter acquiring certain items that permits you to get ahead ter the spel. You also need to some certain amount of gems te order to conduct zonderling summons and honor summons. The gems are obtained spil prizes for clearing certain missions and levels across the spel. The higher the level you are ter the spel, the more difficult it will be and the more the prizes you will get for successful missions. The specific conditions and prizes are spil goes after,

  • Completing all non-optical RC1 missions earns you Trio gems and 1 sphere frog. It is achievable only once. No any coupon codes permitted.
  • Completing all non-optical RC2 missions earns you Five gems and 1 sphere frog. It is also achievable only once.
  • Completing all non-optical RC3 missions earns you Five* Noah. It is achievable once only when RC4 is available.
  • Finish various raid missions earns you various sphere materials. They are achievable on every mission
  • Completing raid missions successfully earns you various raid medals. They are achievable on every mission.

You can use Courageous Frontier Special Codes for getting gem, gaming currencies and other stuff for FREE. The Raid medals can be redeemed for Elemental gods, Spheres, pizza and more at the Administration office te Randall.

  • 23671832 – Gives 12 imps, three of each type, fresh jewel heerser (Five*), 1 sphere frog, a metal mimic and Three burst frogs. You will also build up a million zel.
  • 26580765 – This voucher code gives all the items same spil the previous one.

How to generate Plucky Frontier gem codes for FREE?

Simply visit the webstek of the redeem code generator and specify the spel that you wish to generate for. Click on the generate button and it will come back the results with the desired discount codes. Ter case of any question you can voeling mij by commenting here.

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