Foxbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Lost 30 BTC due to the System Bug, News, The Coin Shark

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An extreme incident occurred at the Brazilian stock exchange, Foxbit ,after the discovery of which the service stopped operating for more than 72 hours.The problem wasgoed that because of the technical bug, users had the chance to duplicate the money withdrawal. Thus, the exchange lost 30 BTC.

Os fundadores da FoxBit, o CEO, Joao Canhada, e o COO, Guto Schiavon, estao em uma live falando sobre os problemas dos ultimos dias.

Estamos abertos spil questoes dos clientes e esclareceremos a situacao.

According to the CEO of Foxbit, Joao Canhada, some gegevens were bruised or even lost during the technical work on the service, nevertheless the technical error has already bot motionless and the exchange functions ter the usual mode.

“All funds are protected, both ter reais and ter bitcoins. Several clients have already returned duplicate values and wij are ter touch with everyone. Wij have a specific fund to voorkant possible losses and the funds ter reais are safe ter our bankgebouw accounts. The toneelpodium wasgoed neither hacked strafgevangenis stolen. “ — Canhada said.

There is still no accurate information on the amount of cryptocurrency that wasgoed returned to the treasury of the exchange, but representatives of the toneelpodium reassured their users with the message that this incident has not affected the exchange to a large extent and its working functions have already bot restored.

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Telegram Raised $850 Million of Investments during the 2nd Closed Presale 0 170

Pavel and Nikolai Durov reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that te the 2nd round of the closed ICO they raised $ 850 million ter investments.

The fact that Telegram will hold the 2nd round of attracting investments into its own Gram cryptocurrency and TON’s blockchain toneel became known at the end of February.

The ondergrens purchase amount for private investors is $ 1 million, legal entities should buy Gram at least $ Ten million. Earlier, ter the very first stage of pre-sale, Telegram attracted $ 850 million from 81 investors

According to media agency Vedomosti, a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich took part ter the very first round of the ICO, and the amount of investments reached $300 million. The official representative of Abramovich, John Mann did not comment on this information. Albeit, two investors, the founder of Qiwi, Sergei Solonin and the founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann, David Yakobashvili, publicly announced that they invested into ICO.

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China Will Restrict the Regulation of the Cryptocurrency Market 0 54

According to a statement published on the 29th of March, the People’s Handelsbank of China (PBoC) intends to proceed to apply stringent measures against virtual currencies spil part of its RMB protection and strengthening strategy.

“[One objective] is to stringently strengthen internal management and outer supervision, fasten good importance to and effectively strengthen the quality control of RMB… and carry out rectification of various types of virtual currencies”.

Albeit the statement itself did not contain information on any specific measures regarding crypto or virtual currencies, Fan’s and PBoC’s position demonstrates further application of the stringent policy of the Chinese government towards decentralized forms of payment.

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