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BitCoin Conference Prague May 2015

GreCom is General Playmate of the Bitcoin Conference Prague

Te the heart of Europe, te the city with an incredible historical value, wij are creating a unique сryptocurrency space for communication with your future business playmates, colleagues and adherents!

Bitcoin Conference Prague – what to expect ?

  • Conference covering the latest and greatest topics of the year: forecasts, analysis, best deals for work with cryptocurrencies,
  • Exhibition area – an chance to get acquainted with the market leaders, innovative products and to obtain first-hand information. Everything that can help your business become more successful will be introduced there,
  • Start-up Alley – fresh ideas and fresh offers. The most unexpected and interesting solutions that will touch your feelings!

What will be discussed:

  • Bitcoin 2015 – what to expect and what to be afraid of
  • Blockchain – future prospects
  • Cryptocurrency Security – myth or achievable reality
  • Investment climate – where you can make fortune
  • Legislative regulation – international practice
  • Bitcoin te gambling

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GreCom organized Very first Bitcoin conference ter Ljubljana

GreCom organized very first Central &, Eastern Europe BITCOIN conference ter Ljubljana which took place ter Ljubljana te hotel Slon on 11th and 12th September 2014.

Photos: Sebastjan Plavec

Wij Can Create a Bitcoin Hub te Slovenia

Vraaggesprek with Gregor Knafelc, Managing Director and possessor of GreCom Business Development and Corporate Communication Company.

Gregor Knafelc is the holder of GreCom, a Business Development and Communications Company based te Slovenia, which has began focusing on developing Bitcoin startups te the region due to enhancing request.

CoinTelegraph got the chance to reach out to Gregor to get his thoughts on opportunities for Bitcoin te the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, how to budge from technology to business thinking (which Gregor believes is “the next step”) and the prospects of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, to become a cryptocurrency hub.

CoinTelegraph: You mentioned te your bio that you discovered Bitcoin back ter 2012. Could you tell us a little more on how this happened?

Gregor Knafelc: My friend opened a company and moved to Cyprus and he needed to open a individual bankgebouw account there but he switched his mind, due to political and economic situation there and instead of this he began to use BTC and converted large part of his savings into BTC.

After that I embarked learning about BTC. Today I strongly believe that BTC is one of the Trio major disruptive innovations that happened te latest past along side with affordable high speed mobile communications and 3D printing. All three are more democratic than the US constitution.

CT: Your company, GreCom, which helps companies penetrate into Central/Eastern European markets, recently began advising BTC companies spil well. Are you watching a lotsbestemming of request for your services from BTC startups right now?

GK: There is a request on the market, wij are getting requests every week from different international BTC companies and investors who are looking to penetrate CEE market. Not many people know that Central, Eastern Europe with Balkans has a population of overheen 200 million people. If wij add Russia wij are well overheen 300 million people. The market is large spil well spil the opportunities.

CT: You have recently invested ter ComCoin, a Slovenia-based BTC ATM technicus. What wasgoed the reasoning for this investment? What are the prospects for this company?

GK:Yes wij created a ComCoin brand which is part of our GreCom Company operations and its concentrate is suggesting services te the BTC ecosystem. Presently ComCoin is involved ter business development for ATM operators. Wij help our Swedish playmate to develop and penetrate their toneel and infrastructure te the region. Wij also work with several other leading BTC companies to penetrate te the CEE region with their services and products.

CT: One of the largest BTC exchanges, BitStamp, is based ter Slovenia. How Bitcoin-friendly would you say Slovenia is compared to other countries ter CEE and te Europe spil a entire?

GK: Slovenia is petite state, with population of just Two million. Spil such wij have to be innovative and focused on foreign markets. Slovenia has a tradition of being early adopter of fresh technologies. For example Slovenia had one of the very first web pages presenting our country on the web already ter 1994 by Science Institute Jozef Stefan (IJS).

Mobile invasion ter Slovenia te the 90’s wasgoed one of the highest ter the world. When USA wasgoed still using wire phones, wij already were using mobile phones and applications. The most advanced Transactional National Payment System for all payments inbetween business entities ter the country wasgoed introduced ter 1996 spil the very first such system te the world, for example. To no verrassing also BitStamp vereiste have and did toebijten te Slovenia. BitStamp te the BTC ecosystem is te my opinion spil significant spil Google is for the internet.

But there is some work to do. Spil a country wij should adopt the right legal framework which will speed up the process of growing BTC start-ups and attract investors to Slovenia. While at the uur wij are comparable with other countries te EU, I hope that Slovenia, spil a dynamic and technologically advanced country and society, will progress swifter.

CT: The Bitcoin Central &, Eastern European Conference is scheduled to be held ter Ljubljana te September. How significant is this event for Bitcoin te the region and what do you hope to achieve at this conference

GK: Slovenia has a strategic position te Central Eastern Europe, it is very close (Two to Four hours drive) to European business significant cities like Vienna, Milano, Munich, Zagreb, and Venice. Furthermore, Slovenia has a good reputation within the technical and business communities of Bitcoin.

Thesis are reasons why wij believe Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is a ideal match for the BitCoin Central Eastern European Conference where fresh ideas and case studies of successful projects from all overheen the world will be demonstrated. Of course it’s a begin for us, but I believe wij can create a BTC hub ter Slovenia for neighboring countries and developed conference spil a yearly event with regional influence.

CT: Spil an experienced entrepreneur and BDS adviser, what do you think Bitcoin needs to become a mainstream form of payment?

GK: Ter my opinion there are three things which have to toebijten. Very first is legal framework, which will give customers, end users and businesses more trust. 2nd is the budge from technology to business thinking at least at those companies that already have products or services ter BTC system. The third is that all companies te BTC, especially leading companies, vereiste integrate social responsibility into their business models. They work on and invest ter building awareness of BTC among the general population

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