Hodl That #7 – Ethereum Classic with Hard Fork (1: 1 Free $CLO Coins)

Ethereum Classic wasgoed a slow mover for a long time. Some were burnt badly if they didn’t have the needed HODL-balls, but now it is time for a come back. Sure, some people are still badmouthing about this coin, which is the actual history of Ethereum. Ethereum Classic is the prior Ethereum. Ter the past, the Ethereum Foundation determined to hard fork into the so-called “The DAO Hard Fork” – but faced a major resistance by their community due to the actual thoughts behind the project. A part of the ETH community did not support this fork, so they determined to keep the classic Ethereum with $ETC alive.

Some technical analysts voorwaarde to have observed several similarities on the charts inbetween ETH / ETC with a delay inbetween those both, so it could be mimicking its latest growth and an outlook into the future of $ETC, but this is by far not all. Ethereum Classic has bot undervalued for a long time and with the upcoming Callisto hard fork with free $CLO for $ETC holders, wij can see a superb catalyst which is going to give the coin the thrust it needs for a further rise.

Here are the reasons wij are bullish for Ethereum Classic:

#1 Ethereum Classic Volume Rising

Wij think wij could see $ETC te the top Ten of Coinmarketcap again after being some time below this mark. The trading volume has enhanced to 1.2Bln and the market cap is rising, approaching $Four.2Bln

#Two Marketing Campaign ter the back (?)

Wij don’t have anything officially confirmed, but wij get a sentiment, that there is a force te the back attempting to thrust $ETC recently more and more. Yes, wij agree with the thoughts and the overeenstemming of the bullish article by TheMerkle, however wij noticed that it is a sponsored one. Maybe Ethereum Classic is willing to thrust through accelerate its growth by spending some money to spread the word?

#Three Miner support

Whilst the mining thing is not our domain, it is the talk that Ethereum miners project to budge overheen to Ethereum Classic once ETH has reached Proof of Stake. The support of miners is significant for the future price growth.

#Four News, News, News

Ethereum Classic has much news to come. Spil they have a gigantic community, they will invest energy ter their community building. A fresh forum, a revamped reddit, etc. Furthermore, the detailed Roadmap update that adds to the high hopes for the futures. See the enormous amount of significant news coming up soon:

#Four Three words: Callisto Hard Fork

The Callisto Hard Fork will come up with free $CLO coins for $ETC holders. If nothing else this should keep the price going up until beginning March. Everbody loves free money! Source: Ethereum Commonwealth development update (11 Jan, 2018)

#Five Google Trends &, Social Volume

Google Trends is always a adorable indicator for a general measurement of rente. Rente is an indicator of an enhancing request.

After a neat bull run te the last days, $ETC is cooling off a bit right now, which might be a good time to get ter. Wij are gonna hold it until the Hard Fork nears and attempt to estimate the sentiment of the worth of $CLO to determine if it is worth to hold for the free coins or better to take profit. Wij spread buy orders inbetween 0.003 to 0.0026 sat. Whilst technically it should be able to reach the 0.005 mark again, wij eyed te the past those hard forks with free coins can make the charts explode. So wij choose to let it run with an open target, taking out profit step-wise on every significant increase, leaving 20% ter this trade at least until shortly before the hard fork.

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