Indian Bitcoin Mining Pool GBMiners Obtains 5% Hashpower

India is not exactly a bright place when it comes to hosting Bitcoin mining operations, but a youthfull startup is hoping to fight the odds for good.

GBMiners, a Bitcoin mining pool which mined its very first block te August, now stands to be one of the most competitive mining pools ter Bitcoin sector. At press time, it has obtained overheen 5% ter hashpower, and is willing to walk more miles with its exceptional business project.

Ter a conversation with NewsBTC, Amit Bhardwaj, the co-founder and investor of GBMiners, stressed on educating masses about Bitcoin. He went on discussing the limitations an average Indian Bitcoin enthusiast face when he thinks about purchasing his/hier very first digital currency token.

“These are very early days for Bitcoin ter India,” he stated, “people have more skepticism than fundamental understanding of the concept, once this threshold is crossed, Bitcoin will witness both the request and adoption of the world’s 3rd largest economy and the world’s largest inward remittance market.”

Bhardwaj added that instead of influencing a potential Bitcoin-er to be an average trader, they want to make them a part of the Bitcoin creation. GBMiners’ aim, spil he stated, is to woo traders and speculators to invest ter Bitcoin mining operations, it not only helps investors to understand the industry, but also gives them a stronger idea about Bitcoin’stechnological and economical benefits.

That being said, GBMiners helps Bitcoin traders to do something more productive than just holding onto their investments and speculating, i.e. investing ter mining operations. An efficient mining pool, which is being run by credible people, on their homeland, certainly gives thesis investors confidences for better comebacks.

Nikunj, another co-founder of GBMiners, stressed that obtaining 5% of the overall Bitcoin mining hash rate wasgoed not a ordinary task for their venture. He admitted that they had faced adequate roadblocks, specifically te regards to the growing monopoly of the majority of Bitcoin mining pools ter the market.

“We embarked with putting our test servers across various existing mining pools and closely analysing the efficiencies. Thesis early tests talent us ideas of possible areas of improvement, and wij have bot fairly sated with the efficiencies wij’ve bot able to achieve with GBminers. Can’t explain te detail here but wij’re soon releasing our findings te a white paper for the mining community.”

India is Significant to Bitcoin Sector

Indian government’s decision to kerkban its primary banknotes from circulation has indeed favoured Bitcoin trend te the nation, with exchanges reporting an enhanced request for the digital currency. But indeed, the growth of Bitcoin te this South Asia’s emerging economy has bot speculated since day one.

ZepPay, an India-based Bitcoin wallet application, has reported that they are adding 50,000 users each day amidst the growing Bitcoin trend.

GBMiners, too, believe that an increase confidence ter the Bitcoin market will help accelerate the growth of their mining pool operations te India. Bhardwaj stated:

Thesis are utterly arousing times to be a blockchain and cryptocurrency believer ter India, with the latest budge by Government clearly exhibiting the inherent risks associated with centralised monetary systems and the demonetisation resulting ter significant devaluation te the real estate sector, I believe bitcoin is now ripe to resonate with the indian diaspora both philosophically and financially.

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